When Times are Tough,
What do Consumers Really Want?

When times are difficult, human nature yearns to recapture and recreate familiar and comfortable surroundings. For many, this translates into staying home more and making small but meaningful improvements to their living or lifestyle environment.

We all know that today’s consumers love innovative and unique products that trigger a nostalgic and sentimental twinge in their hearts. We’re talking about products that can bring back those fun and carefree memories from childhood.

For just a moment, let’s stop and picture the tens of millions of children who grew up with wonderful memories of chasing fireflies or lightning bugs on warm summer evenings.

And let’s not forget about the millions more who enjoyed watching the artificial Fireflies in Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, creating their memories from the Magic Kingdom.

And now let’s think about all those millions of children who have become adults, living across the country in their own homes with delightful and nostalgic memories of cute little flickering, flashing and glowing Fireflies.

We can all appreciate how intense and persuasive childhood memories are. And that’s why we want to share with you something completely new . . . a very special product that will rekindle those intense and powerful childhood memories in your customers.

They’re called Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights, and they were originally invented to accurately imitate the flashing of real fireflies in museums, nature centers, theme parks, and zoo exhibits.

They were subsequently adapted, and are used around the world in shopping centers, malls, restaurants, hotels, casinos, on stage and in movies where they precisely impersonate Mother Nature’s real Fireflies.

And now, Firefly Magic® ‘Fireflies’ have been redesigned for quick and easy backyard installation by consumers and are powered by environmentally friendly solar energy.

This innovative and sophisticated backyard entertainment lighting product uses new high tech microprocessors with patented LEDs to precisely duplicate the color and random flash, flicker, and fade of real fireflies.

Just how realistic are these electronic fireflies? That’s answered by Dr. Sara Lewis, Professor of Biology and head of firefly research at Tufts University in Massachusetts. Dr. Lewis, who uses them in her research says, "Firefly Magic firefly lights are so real they even fool other fireflies".

So innovative and unusual, Firefly Magic® ‘Fireflies’ have been featured on Home and Garden Television, the DIY Network, the National Geographic channel, Animal Planet, Fine Living, and other television networks.

The Firefly Magic® ‘Fireflies’ operate on renewable solar energy when installed in backyard gardens. But they can quickly and easily become portable by installing two double A batteries, thereby adding the additional value of a fun and entertaining product, able to go virtually anywhere: indoors or out, at parties, weddings, camp outs, school plays, picnics, romantic get-a-ways, holiday displays, and neighborhood get-togethers. In fact we’re often surprised at the number of creative uses people come up with for their ‘Fireflies’.


To purchase these Amazing Firefly Lights


Future plans include distribution expansion to retail stores, including:

  • Lawn & Garden Center
  • Gift Store
  • Florist Shop
  • Museum, Discovery, Nature Center, or Zoo Shop
  • Water Garden, Koi, or Pond Store
  • Wedding Shop
  • RV, camping, or outdoor Store
  • Novelty or Holiday Theme Store
  • Pool and Spa Center
  • Hardware Store
  • Lighting Store
  • Party Stores
  • Specialty Reseller


I’m Stephen Taylor, the inventor of Firefly Magic Firefly Lights.

Our patented electronic Fireflies are used around the world in theme parks, zoos, nature centers, on stage, and even in movies to accurately reproduce the magical flashing, flickering & fading of Mother Nature's real fireflies, or lightning bugs . . . in fact, there's nothing like them that's come before.

And now, we've developed a new, solar powered, easy to install version so you can bring these amazing 'Fireflies' to your customers . . . Adding fun, excitement, and magic to their backyards, gardens, and even indoors.

Stephen Taylor
Sigma Two Industries



  • Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights hit an emotional chord with millions of adults who fondly remember chasing Fireflies when they were children. Now those adults have created their beautiful backyards, they can't wait to recapture their childhood memories . . . sharing them with their own children, friends, and family.

  • Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights are a new and totally unique product to the Retail marketplace. Perhaps what we hear most from consumers is, "I can't believe I've finally found these. . . I've been wanting something like this for years and didn't know where I could find them!" Strange as it sounds, there is a pent up demand for a product that accurately and reliably recreates the flashing, flickering, and fading of Mother Nature's real Fireflies.

  • Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights are easy to install and use environmentally friendly Solar power. We also have low voltage models for Landscapers to install.

  • Two products in one! Firefly Magic® Solar Powered Firefly Lights can also be used indoors by quickly and easily replacing the two rechargeable batteries with two standard AA Alkaline batteries.


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